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When you organize tournaments where in every round two alternating players play against two other alternating players, you will probably have encountered the problem of assigning people to the teams. With lottery tickets it often happens that the same people are in the same team. Creating a schedule yourself can be quite complicated and frustrating, In particular if the number of participants is not exactly a multiple of 4. With the XagainstXplanner however you can easily create a schedule in seconds and ensures that contestors play with and against as many other contestors as possible.

If you know in advance who is participating, you can enter those names, but you can also work with player numbers.

The program works from 4 players for a maximum of 6 rounds.

Features of the game schedule software:

  • Prevents double play with and against another player as much as possible.
  • Can also be used if the number of participants is not a multiple of 4.
  • Define your own layout.
  • Easy to use.


The program is now available in a basic version with only essential functionality. The intention is to expand this in the future.

How do you use the program?

  • Select a "Tournament Type". (At the moment, only 2 against 2 can be selected.
  • Enter a "Number of rounds".
  • Select a number of names from the "Available names" list.

"Available names" are easy to add by clicking on the "Add name" button and fill the name field. Existing names can be changed easily.

Select names

Then click on the "Create schedule" button.
The displayed schedule can be copied or saved.

Schedule overview

Definine your own layout.

Click on the button "Define layout".
You can now change the display text, font size etc to your own preference.

Define Layout


If you have any questions, comments or ideas about the tournament schedule planner software, send a message using the form below. Let me know if you have problems installing or running the program.